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April 2, 2024

How To Vape Pods?

If you are new to vaping, a pod system may be ideal. This device is also called pod vapes, vape pods, and pod kits. With a low wattage output and the capability to hold stronger nicotine, vape pods are a good fit for beginners. What’s more, a pod is compact and easier to bring with you wherever you may go.

What’s different about a pod system is that it uses a pod instead of the standard atomizer. In this case, you can say that the pod component is the same as an atomizer. However, a pod is smaller in size, and its makers had in mind compactness and convenience for use when they created it. It’s been a while that the pod system is in the market. It has increased in popularity in recent years because of the introduction of nicotine salts.

There has initially been the freebase nicotine, but it is not able to give users smoother mouth-to-lung vaping unlike what is provided by nicotine salts.

Why are vape pods suited to beginners? Primarily, it’s because there isn’t much that you need to learn to use it. Different vape pods have different features, but there is the simple AIO, or all-in-one wherein the coil is outrightly discarded after it is finished, and then you fill a new one.

Steps To Vaping Pods

What are the steps to vaping pods? They are as discussed below:

Get A Vape Starter Kit

The first thing that you should do is to get a vape pod Voom starter kit. You’ll find that there are some sort of instructions in it. Most vape devices are made in China though, and you might find the wordings in the manual to be somewhat broken.

Vape pods are either pre-filled with e-juice, or are otherwise refillable, with cartridges that are disposable. So if your pod needs it, fill it with vape juice.

Choose The Best E-Juice

Choose the best e-juice for your vape pod. Select the e-juice flavour that most appeals to you, followed by the nicotine level that you prefer. E-liquids that have high nicotine content are typically available in smaller bottles of 30ml or less. Those that contain lower nicotine tend to come in larger bottles of at least 30ml. The level of nicotine for your pod kit depends on whether you are a light, heavy, or recreational smoker. Note that higher nicotine is best for lower powered devices, medium nicotine for low to medium power, and lower nicotine for vapes with higher power. Ensure that the nicotine level suits the power of your device.

Inhale The Pod Using The Right Method

Your method of inhaling your pod is a make or break moment of vaping. Inhaling an e-cigar the wrong way can result to coughing, and an altogether displeasing nicotine rush.

Primarily, you should know that there are two basic techniques of inhaling a vape: mouth to lung, and direct to lung puff. The technique you employ is determined by the type of device that you will use.

Mouth To Lung (MTL) Draw

A pod vape is more appropriate for an MTL or mouth to lung draw. If your pod has a high-resistance coil and contains high nicotine levels, it is better to use this technique. Inhaling a pod via MTL is like siphoning air with a coffee straw. Make sure it is tight. Lesser vapour is produced by this inhaling process, akin to smoking a traditional cigarette, and it provides a pleasurable hit to the throat. How do you particularly do it?

  1. Slowly and steadily inhale the vapour into your mouth for only a few seconds
  2. Keep your mouth closed while holding the vapour in it. Do this for 1 or 2 seconds.
  3. Open your mouth and then “inhale” the vapour into your lungs. Do not swallow.
  4. After the vapour enters your lungs, exhale.
Direct To Lung (DTL) Draw

Ideal for larger vapes, this inhaling technique is similar to drawing air via a milkshake straw. More vapour is produced via this method. Smooth and easy goes with this e-cigar puffing process, mainly because it contains low to zero nicotine. How is it done?

  1. Quickly and directly inhale the vapour into your lungs.
  2. Immediately breathe out the vapour.

The level of nicotine typically dictates what inhalation method you use. MTL is suited for high nicotine contents of 12mg to 60mg while low nicotine levels of 0mg to 6mg is more apt for DL hits. If the nicotine content of your vape is medium, ranging from 6mg to 12mg, you can use both types of techniques.

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