About Us, The Official Voom Labs

Well-balanced on technology and art, VOOM is to make adult smokers live good.


Voom Brand philosophy

We are drawn to the science of geometry where  dimensions form the core fundamentals,and we capture this essence to enrich our design. Following this inspiration, we are deliberate in our approach to  elegance using lines and shapes with ultra-simplicity and deliver high satisfaction with premium quality.

The logo

Embedding our geometrical inspiration, the VOOM logo translates into a perfectly inverted triangle in the V, circled roundness in the O and completed with two superimposed triangles in the M. The outline manifests the simplicity of life while the vibrancy of changing art channels an unending imagination and portrays the burst of VOOM flavours


Our mission

Remain steadfast in our commitment to navigate cigarette smokers into reducing damaging effects of combustible tabacco through the use of VOOM E-cigarettes. Cultivate a robust environment that helps incorporate the highest technology and supply standards to produce simple yet superior designed products with rich flavors.

Voom Tech Credentials

  • 28 Utility Patents
  • 25 Design Patents
  • Legal Compliance Management with relevant certificates
  • Strict Quality Control