The Difference Between Vape Pods & Mods

You Should Know the Differences Between Pod and Mod Vapes

The key distinctions between pod and mod vapes are explained. Mods are more powerful, whilst pods are better for stealth vaping and newcomers to vaping.

Mods for Vaping

What Is The Best Disposable Vape Flavour

Voom modifications is a strong mod. Vape mods will assist cloud chasers and vapers looking for more flavour. You may, however, smoke at a lower wattage with a mod. You don’t have to vape at super-high power to obtain a lot of vapour if you have a mod.

There are some differences in functioning between pod and mod vapes. You can achieve a vaping style using a mod that would be tough to do with, say, a pod device. When utilising a mod and vegetable glycerin, for example, it is possible to make substantial amounts of vapour.

For cloud creation and flavour, vapers prefer vape mods, whereas pods are preferred for nicotine delivery. This does not rule out the potential of vaping nicotine with a mod. Here’s the thing, you can vape nicotine correctly with your mod, however, we find that users find that nicotine capsules are sometimes more convenient.

Modifications are also bigger and more customizable. Panels come in a variety of styles and colours in many mods. In addition, the power and voltage of a mod device can be modified. To put it another way, a mod device has extra settings and features that allow the user to tailor the device to his or her chosen vaping style.

Vape mods don’t usually include an auto-fire mode, so you’ll have to touch the firing button every time you want to take a drag.

Pods for Vaping

For example, pods are often auto-draw devices with only the most basic settings. Because pods are meant to mimic cigarette smoking, they usually don’t have a wattage that can be adjusted. MTL devices, such as UK vape pods, are similar to cigarettes.

Pods, unlike mods, aren’t built for cloud production. Vape pods, on the other hand, are intended for both nicotine consumption and stealth vaping. Vape pods are also a good option if you’re seeking for a more cost-effective device.

Pod vapes were not particularly successful back in the day. The flavour was unpleasant, and their vaping performance was poor. Pod vapes, on the other hand, have progressed, and there are now several functional pod vapes with good flavour output and battery longevity.

With enhanced batteries and pods, the new Voom pod devices are incredibly effective. The Voom Pod, for example, has a specific built-in channel that prevents spitback and e-liquid leakage.

Pods, on the other hand, require higher nicotine concentrations than mod devices since they create less vapour.

Prefilled Disposable Pods or Refillable Pods for Vaping?

Prefilled and disposable pods and refillable pods are the two types of vape pods or vape pens. Refillable pods have recently gained popularity over prefilled and disposable pods. You have more control over what you vape with a refilled cartridge or pod. In a nutshell, you have the option of selecting your preferred e-liquid.

Let us emphasise the significance of a high-quality battery for your pod vaping equipment once more. When used for normal vaping, several well-known brands’ batteries only last about 2-3 hours. The amount of time it lasts depends on how frequently you vape it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vape Pods vs. Vape Mods

There are substantial distinctions between pod and mod vapes. Mods are usually more powerful and capable of producing more flavour and vapour than pods, as well as being more expensive. From this point of view, mods are better to pods. On the other hand, perhaps you’re looking for something that’s more discreet, lighter, and portable. Vape pens are compact and unobtrusive, making them ideal for discreet vaping. If you only want to vape nicotine salts and aren’t concerned with producing a significant volume of vapour at the same time, this is the best option.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Pods

Many mods have great features, but Pods don’t. Pods, on the other hand, are useful for many vapers seeking more inconspicuous vaping equipment (perfect for stealth vaping).


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