How to Quit Smoking by Myself

Quit Smoking by Myself

Have you come to the decision that you are going to quit smoking? We couldn’t be happier for you. Smoking is responsible for long-term illnesses and diseases such as lung cancer, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and the list goes on and on.

However noble your decision, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You have a long and hard process ahead. Deciding and staying tobacco-free are often two very different positions due to the addiction to nicotine and withdrawal effects.

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To help you on your path to recovery, the team at Voom Labs, a premium company in the vape industry has put together a few tips that might come in handy.

The motivation

By reading this article, you must already have a reason to stop smoking. However, we saw it fit to reiterate. To get and stay motivated in this fight against smoking, you must have a strong foundation for quitting smoking.

It could be tied to your mental and physical health, to protect your loved ones or to make better financial decisions. Every person is different and their reasons will differ. Regardless, the reason should be powerful enough to always outweigh the cravings when they hit.

A tobacco-free environment

First and foremost, you must get rid of any paraphernalia that would induce the urge to smoke. This includes your cigars and cigarettes, ashtrays, rolling papers, and hookah pipes. If you are worried about the value lost, consider selling them to a specialty shop or doing a yard sale. This creates a new environment for the new ‘you’ to prosper.

Secondly and even more important, cut off long-term interaction with friends who smoke or continue using tobacco and its products. If you have a partner, consider informing them of your new stand to life. You can plan how to tackle this new page of life together.

Staying active

The wise men of old said, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” During this phase of your life, these words will take a new and personal meaning. Due to the mental frustration and physical withdrawal effects, you will find yourself with a lot of energy. Put that energy to work!

If you have had a love for sports, consider going back to the soccer pitch or basketball court. For those not blessed with a love for the outdoors, you can choose to learn a new language, pick up a new hobby or possibly find a Master class program online.

What this purposes to do is to keep your mind and body ‘distracted.’ As your body sweats or as your mind is engaged, you will no longer think of the next puff of a cigarette.

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No one prepares smokers of the tenacity at which cravings attack and they will. Although it is a passing urge, the need to get a smoke and fill up your lungs might last for several minutes. It is at this time that your will and resolve will be tested.  

The team at Voom Labs recommends that you have a small book with you to identify your smoking triggers. This will make you intentional about avoiding these triggers.

To nullify these urges, come up with a diversion/ strategy that will keep your body and mind occupied for a few minutes. You could also make use of nicotine therapy products (NRT). More information on that is available below.

Change of diet

The effects of smoking are not physical but also behavioral and social. From our research and interaction with smokers, certain drinks or food can be associated with cigarettes. It varies from one person to another. For others, tea, alcohol or fizzy drinks improve the taste of alcohol.

If you fall in any other categories mentioned above, consider switching your preferred drink and diet. This will significantly reduce the need for you to light up a cigarette.

The use of nicotine replacement therapy products

use of nicotine replacement therapy products

The reason why most smokers find it hard to stop is due to the long-term effects of nicotine. Once ingested, the chemical causes temporary pleasant feelings. It changes the chemical balance of the brain and the nervous system. To be more particular, it causes the blood to be flooded with dopamine, giving the user a please mood and distancing him or her from all unpleasant feelings.

Due to the nicotine effects detailed above, it is recommended for smokers looking to quit to make use of nicotine replacement therapy products. Some of the effective NRT products include nasal sprays, lozenges, nicotine patches, and the use of vape pens and e-cigarettes.

Vapes in particular have a history of being effective smoking cessation aids. These e-cigarettes products have a lower nicotine content than your traditional cigar or cigarette. Once can request to have the e-liquid used in vape pens lowered gradually over time. Slowly by slowly, your body becomes assimilated off nicotine and its power on it.

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Do not be discouraged

Even with the tips offered and motivation to stop smoking, you might find yourself in a position where you have fallen off the wagon. Don’t be discouraged. This is a good time for you to reset and get back into it. It is the perfect opportunity to identify any triggers and take your battle to the next level.


As you plan your picture of a tobacco-free life, remember that the cravings will hit you hard and long. The journey will have its ups and downs but with dedication and commitment, you are bound to succeed. Quitting is all about breaking a habit. Be patient with yourself and you will see the results coming along. To ease your body and mind from the effects of smoking, consider the quality and reputable vape products from Voom Labs.

Voom Labs only offers the best in vape devices, accessories, and kits. Our products have been uniquely designed to meet our client’s needs and help them on the road to quitting smoking. You can rely on us for excellent, first-rate devices and products.


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