Are Vape Pods Recyclable? Tips For Responsible Vaping and Recycling

Are Vape Pods Recyclable?

Vaping has more benefits than smoking. When you vape, you ingest less harmful chemicals than when you smoke, other than its healthful advantages to your lifestyle. Just like the 3.2 million of vapers in the U.K., you might have become aware of how helpful vaping can be in your effort of becoming totally smoke-free.

However, while it was relatively easy to dispose of your consumed tobacco cigarette in your former lifetime as a smoker, there is now the question of how to do the same with your used vape pods and cartridges. How do you dispose of your used vape materials responsibly?

Are E-Cigarettes An Environmental Hazard?

The era that we live in now is increasingly becoming eco-conscious. This trend, or cause, implores people to consume responsibly and subsequently recycle, repurpose, or reuse unwanted items to promote and foster the health of dear planet earth. 

E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to people’s health, but it is necessary that vaping equipment should be recycled responsibly. Otherwise, they could very well cause significant damage to the environment than the disposal of traditional cigarettes.

To date, there are around 55 million vapers all around the world. This means millions of devices and e-liquids are being consumed on a daily basis. If these non-biodegradable materials aren’t properly and responsibly disposed of, imagine how damaging they would be to the environment.

Yes, vape pens and e-cigarettes are healthfully beneficial because they help millions of people become smoke-free, but the materials they are made of are an ecological hazard, particularly when their battery acid and e-liquid are absorbed into the earth. But these can be avoided if people become aware and take time to do the effort of recycling responsibly.

How To Properly Recycle Vape Pods and Cartridges

It is your responsibility to properly dispose of your vaping equipment, whether it is your vape pod, e-liquid tank, device casing, or battery, among others. This task and accountability should be an essential part of your vaping. There is good news, nonetheless, and this deed can be easy, as long as you are well-informed and know how to it. 

It is even better that you can put almost all of your used vaping equipment in your weekly recycling. It is tempting to just place your consumed vape pods and cartridges right into the recycling box, but hold on before you do so. What you have to do prior is to disassemble your equipment and clean them before throwing them away.

To begin with, how do you dismantle and clean your used e-liquid cartridges and vape pods before disposing of them for recycling? These vaping equipment afford you quick and easy e-puffing pleasure, however, it might not be as simple to throw them away, although it can definitely be done.

Different manufacturers of different vape pods and cartridges use different materials for these products. The first thing that you should do is check the packaging of your equipment, particularly at the bottom. Is there a recycling symbol? In that case, you can proceed on to disassembling it. 

If the instructions say that you recycle your pods, then no worries. You can do this by giving them over to e-waste locations scattered in multiple locations.

How do you disassemble your recyclable pods and cartridges? Initially rinse them to remove any e-liquid residues. Then you disassemble it to separate the plastic, glass and metal materials, after which you thoroughly wash them. Once all the e-liquid has been removed, you can now put the segregated components into your pertinent recycling container.

What about refillable tanks? Are they recyclable as well? Unlike disposable cartridges and pods, you don’t need to recycle refillable vape tanks as often. Then again, these materials experience wear and tear eventually and in the same way, and you will need to recycle them, too.

What you mainly have to do is dismantle and clean your unwanted items, and you can do this in a few minutes. Recycling responsibly takes a relatively simple effort and a short period of time. A bit of twisting and unscrewing here and there to carefully segregate the distinct components of your used cartridge so that they can be recycled efficiently. This refers to the separating of plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic materials accordingly.

After disassembling, wash the parts thoroughly to rinse off any remaining e-liquid. This is to make sure that there isn’t any liquid nicotine left in the items because such substance is an environmental hazard.

Simple steps, but you can do your part in responsibly and efficiently recycling vape pods and cartridges. Vape happy, safely and responsibly!


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