Are Disposable Vapes Banned In The UK? A Guide For Locals and Visitors

Are Disposable Vapes Banned In The UK?

The vaping scene has prevailed in many countries around the world since its introduction over a decade ago. With the dangers of smoking posing a threat to the major populace, vapes or e-cigarettes have become a better alternative. Having incorporated itself in the society and its culture, governments have accordingly adapted their laws pertaining to their use.

What about the UK? This country is deemed to be a vape-friendly domain, yet it has likewise established laws in the book when it comes to the use of e-cigarettes.

It has almost been a decade to this point when e-cigarettes found their way in the UK. These devices, from that time since, has gone through several changes. These have been done so in order to improve the quality of these products, and at the same time respond to the laws applied for their manufacturing and selling.

If you are a UK resident or plan on travelling to it, you need to know the proper guidelines for vaping in this country.

Are Puff Bars Legal In The UK?

Yes. In recent years, regulators in the United States and New Zealand have had concerns with several disposable vape bars, such as Puff Bar. You can lawfully buy disposables in the United Kingdom if you are 18 or older.

Restrictions on E-Cigarettes As A Product

Primarily, there are restrictions on electronic cigarettes as a product. These limitations are imposed to guarantee that high-quality e-cigarettes and their accessories are available to consumers. For one thing, the strength of their e-liquids or vape juice (see our Disposables vapes) along with the size of their containers have been controlled.

It used to be that the optimal nicotine strength was set to 24 percent. However, it is now reduced to 20mg/ml. The containers of the e-liquid have to be no more than 10ml, while cartridges and clearomisers should not exceed 2ml in content. 

Before getting their products out in the market, e-cigar manufacturers have to submit complete information to the government about these goods. A grace period of six months is given for products that have not been submitted to be sold.

Which Places Are Not Allowed For Vape Smoking?

Which Places Are Not Allowed For Vape Smoking

Vaping is allowed in most places in the UK. Numerous nations and states have implemented restrictions with regards to vaping, but the UK, by far, has no official regional legislation pertaining to the use of electronic cigarettes. Then again, even when no laws have been established in the books, there are certain places wherein people are not allowed to vape.

Essentially, it is the property owner that sets the rules about vaping. There are thus bars, restaurants, etc. that have included e-cigarettes or vapes in their “No Smoking” policy. If you have breached this, you will be asked to stop your activity, or else leave the premises. Nevertheless, there are no legal consequences because no official laws are regulated.

Trains, buses, and airplanes are places in the United Kingdom wherein vaping is not allowed as well. Smoking e-cigarettes are banned by airlines such as Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Jet2, EasyJet and Thomas Cook Airlines. Take note of these while finding your way in this country

Trains are among the locations in which e-cigarettes are banned. It used to be permitted on platforms, but the practice is now banned in most stations. Companies that impose this policy are Southern Railways, Virgin Trains, Southeasters, Gatwick Express, Great Northern, ScotRail, EuroStar, TFL, and Thameslink. The same goes for the London Underground- it likewise bans the use of electronic cigarettes. Prosecution awaits people who violate this law. You need to be aware of these to avoid any untoward happenings.

Vaping Is Not Allowed While You Are Driving

What about when you’re driving? Can you puff an e-cigar? You cannot actually get around with vaping when you are behind the wheel in your own car. In itself, vaping while driving is not against the law, but if you are caught doing so, you can be charged with big amounts of fines. Drivers have been warned by police officers about the dangers of inhaling vaporizers. Authorities have actually been implementing steps to control the occurrence of this common activity. 

Vaping inside your car basically causes the production of thick clouds of vapour that in turn can obscure your vision. Temporary blindness can occur in this instance, increasing the chances of a crash. Because of this, drivers who vape while on the road can face prosecution for “driving without due care and attention”.

Being accused of such a charge can have you receiving somewhere from three to nine penalty points, and you can be fined for up to £2,500. In fact, your driving privileges can be forfeited. If you blow your vapour out of your window, it diminishes the risk of you being pulled over because of distracted driving. Nevertheless, the best recourse is to avoid vaping while you are driving.

What You Should Know About Vaping In The UK

UK authorities have nonetheless been hesitant in banning the use of e-cigarettes. It is mainly because these bodies acknowledge that smoking tobacco cigarettes is far more dangerous than vaping. Public Health England has even declared that inhaling vapes is 95% safer than smoking regular cigarettes. But there are regulations employed to warrant the disposable vapes safety of e-cigar users and to protect those people who are particular about being exposed to its vapour.

Regulations in the UK are implemented in terms of the use and manufacturing of vapes, including their advertisement and selling. Limitations are strict with regards to the nicotine content of e-liquids, and the allowed capacities for e-juice containers, clearomisers, and cartridges.

If you happen to be in this country, check if the owner of the establishment allows the use of vapes. You are not allowed to vape on trains, buses, and airplanes as well as platforms. The London Underground is not a good place for doing it. You can be prosecuted if authorities catch you puffing an e-cigar in your car (have you seen our grape ice flavour). 

If you therefore are a local/ resident of UK, or a visitor in this country, be responsible for knowing and adhering to its laws and regulations about vaping. You need to be able to understand these to avoid conflict with authorities and to protect your safety and the welfare of the people surrounding you.

Is vaping illegal in pubs UK?

There are presently no rules in the United Kingdom prohibiting the use of a vape inside a pub or bar.

Is it legal to vape at nightclubs in the United Kingdom?

Vaping is theoretically permissible in a nightclub. Although the Health Act of 2006 prohibits smoking in public places, it does not apply to vaping since e-cigarettes are not covered by smokefree law. This implies that each nightclub must decide on its own vaping policy.

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