Where is it legal to vape? 

Where is it legal to vape? 

There are few products and devices that have taken the world by similar as vaping devices. Over recent years, more people have embraced vaping. This statistic can be evidenced from young people to those who are more advanced in years. 

Does this mean that you can vape anywhere, and at any time you want? If vaping or the use of e-cigarettes is similar to smoking, it is not the case. You will have to understand that you will need to adhere to the rules to enjoy your vape pen. 

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Vaping is accessible far more accessible than you ever thought. That’s why today, with Voomslabs guidance, you will have access to helpful information that will guide you in this venture. We seek to present this information by looking at the various concepts that a country’s law touch on. 

It would be best to look into the country’s laws and provisions. If it’s possible, get a hands-on approach to it. Go and download the constitution online or get a physical copy of it and research in detail about this topic. Get down with it.

where is it legal to vape

Vaping at airports and planes 

While it is not synonymous with smoking, the use of vape pens mimics and has similar connotations to smoking. The use of electronic cigarettes is banned in airports and flights. Do not be tempted to go and have a quick puff in the toilet. From our research, the smoke from vapes can set off smoke alarms. 

If you are heading abroad, the team at Voom Labs recommends that you comprehensively read the country’s rules on smoking and vaping. We would want you to be deported on arrival or worse. 

If it is legal to vape, we recommend choosing from the variety of options available at our online store. To meet your varying needs and preferences, Voom Labs offers a wide range of products and flavours. 

On Coaches and buses 

The policy on vaping varies from one coaching company to another. Before you power up your quality device from Voom Labs online store, you should go out of your way to read the company’s policies. 

For example, National Express, a reputable bus company have banned vaping. Users will be booted off the coach without a refund. 

Sports Stadiums 

The UK is known for its love for football, rugby, and cricket. It is where individuals and households go to make memories and relax over the weekends. 

Have sport stadiums banned vaping? Well, the question is answered on a case-by-case basis, varying from one club to another. If you read the policy on larger stadiums such as Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge, you will find out that vaping is banned. Smaller stadiums, that are less on the limelight, tend to have more relaxed rules on vaping. 

The rules on vaping tend to change quite rapidly. We recommend that you stay abreast of any developments and adhere to them. 

Music Venues 

There are few recreational venues that can hold the thousands of fans who want to attend the music concert of an award winning musician or performer. In most cases, the large music venues are the aforementioned large stadiums such as Old Trafford. Without much more to add, vaping is not allowed in music venues. 

If you are looking to go to a smaller venue such as a pub, you can get away with it, depending on the owner of the pub and the crowd. 

Restaurants and eating establishments 

You can’t get away with vaping in major chain restaurants such as Subway, KFC, and Starbucks. If you are at the local restaurant, call the waiter over and make an inquiry. It would be better to get the go-ahead before powering up your device. 

Hospital Grounds 

Seeing as most vaping products have a nicotine element, vaping is taboo in many hospitals across England and Wales. 

From our research, we note that there are some hospitals that are lenient on the use of vaping products. 

Vaping on trains 

You should be aware that vaping is banned on all trains and platforms in the UK. If you try to vape, you can expect more than a stiff reprimand. 


When it comes to the issue of what is legal or not, we cannot completely divorce ourselves from the issue of age. This aspect varies from country. If that’s the case, then it means you will not have the opportunity and freedom to vape if you violate the country’s law.

In the UK, 18 years is the age set for the use of vaping devices and products. Retailers are asked to check on the age of their possible clients or customers before selling their products. 

This restriction applies not just to vaping but also to any nicotine product. They include cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, hookah tobacco, cigars, pipe tobacco, electronic nicotine delivery systems, including e-cigarettes and e-liquids. All of these are prohibited, and it seems like this authority is unshakable on this.

They have created a system that ensures retailers abide by the law. Referred to as a compliance check, retailers check IDs before selling any nicotine products to their customers. 

Why choose Voom Labs?

We offer vape products that are unique and novel. Something that will blow your mind. While we offer many quality products, one that has managed to stand out is the use of disposable vapes. They are pocket-friendly and showcase credibility since we are a trusted UK-based online shop. 

Disposable vapes are ideal for those people who are new to the world of tobacco use. They are simple to use and easy to carry. You don’t have to worry about carrying your power bank. Who wants to see hanging USB around you? Our vape devices have an unimaginable battery endurance of about 3 hours. That’s enough time to have a blast!

Vaping stealthily has never been easier. You can now experience all you want with a compact and light design. Although it’s tiny, you should underestimate its ability to take you for a ride. It’s just like the petite girl across the street. Just to measure the value of your money, you are sinking about 400-600 puffs. That’s just brilliant!

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