What Are Vape Accessories? 6 Basic Components Of Your Vaping Device

What Are Vape Accessories?

There are many advantages of vaping, especially when compared to smoking. Unlike the latter, vaping is not a singular experience on its own. To say it bluntly, you can customize your vaping experience, and that’s what makes it so unique.
It’s mainly because there are different sorts of vaping devices, and you can use them with different vape accessories. Other than these, there is the favourite perk of being able to experiment with various kinds of flavours. You can therefore cater to whatever your distinct vaping preferences are, thanks to these components. 

This comes as an unexpected concept to smokers who have switched to vaping. After all, smoking cigarettes is a pretty much the same experience all throughout: you light up a stick, inhale and then exhale it, and then discard it.

That’s basically not how it is with vaping which you can personalize. You can, for instance, opt for low wattage units to make it feel like you’re puffing a cigarette. If you’re in for a hefty cloud-puffing experience, you can choose sophisticated custom-built RDAs.

As for variety in flavours, you can select from a new and refreshing line of Apple Ice, Banana Ice, Blackcurrant Grape, Blackcurrant Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry Ice, Cola, Energy, Grape Ice, Ice Cream, Passion Grapefruit, and many more. You can particularly find these delicious Iris Vape Disposables in Voom Labs, and you can enjoy them with 600 puffs!

What Are The 6 Essential Vape Accessories?

But what will hugely personalize your total vaping experience are vape accessories. What are they? Below is a guide to these.

1. Battery

The battery is the component that powers your device. Primarily, you can’t vape without it because your unit won’t work. It is the heat reaction in the device that turns the e-juice into vapour, and this simply won’t happen if the battery is dead. For the most part, vape batteries are rechargeable, and this is done so via a USB charger.

2. Cartridge or Pod

There are very portable pod vape systems that are ultra-convenient to use. Other than being compact and easy to use and carry for travelling, they have pods that are no-fuss to refill. Being slim and shaped like a cylinder, it gives you the sensation of holding and smoking a tobacco cigarette. It is thus a smart choice for a device if you are transitioning from smoking to vaping.

3. Charger

You can puff your vape unit to your heart’s delight, thanks to your charger. In that you wouldn’t have to worry about your device dying out. Vape devices may have removable batteries, but they also come with USB chargers. This way, you can have yours charged through your laptop, or while you are in your car, granting you have an adapter. External chargers are likewise available, and they are apt for your convenience and safety concerns.

4. Coils

A built-in coil is typically found in a vape, but at some point, you will have to replace it. The coil in your unit works in relation to the tank and the atomizer. The tank is that part that holds the vape juice, and this liquid content is heated by the atomizer so that it is converted into vapour. Note that the atomizer is directly connected to the battery, that’s why you need to puff in intervals (after 3 to 7 draws) so that it doesn’t overheat. The coil is located inside the atomizer, and this is what makes it work. See to it that your coil is then in tiptop shape.

There are 5 types of materials that are used in good quality coils, namely:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel
  • Nichrome
  • Kanthal

5. Wicks and Wires

These vape accessories are suitable for enthusiasts who want to personalize their vape devices, particularly their mods. They thus prefer to build their atomizers on their own instead of buying those with pre-made built-in coils.

Being able to custom build your coils with your choice of wick and wires, you’ll be able to increase the vapour production of your unit. It’s an entirely amazing benefit that allows you to save on costs.

What about the wick? This is the cotton that absorbs the vape juice so that it turns to vapour.

6. Drip Tip

This is a component that allows you to pour your e-juice directly into the atomizer. Consequently, you would not need to remove any parts of your unit if you want to refill its e-liquid. Being directly connected to the atomizer, the e-juice flows through it instantly, is heated much faster and offers a consistently strong hit of vapour. 

Check out our amazing range of vape accessories at Voom Labs for high-quality and affordable choices.


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