Starter Kit And Voom Pods Review

Voom Pod Starter Kit: A Quick Look

With a selection of 1.2ml prefilled pods available in a variety of various flavours, as well as refillable pods to use with your favourite e-liquid, this elegant and super-light vape kit from Voom delivers a premium yet unobtrusive smoking experience. T

The pods are easily swapped thanks to a magnetic lock and clamping connection.

The easy-to-use Voom pod mod, which is powered by a built-in 320mAh battery, is appropriate for both novices and expert vapers. The inhalation-activated firing system is simple to operate and complements the ultra-modern device’s understated design. 

The battery level is indicated by an indicator light.

voom Pod and Mod Vapes

Examining the Voom Vape Kit in More Depth:

  • 320mAh battery capacity
  • Type of battery: integrated
  • 7.2mm x 85mm x 20mm Dimensions
  • 16g in weight
  • Black and gold are the colours used.
  • Pod capacity: 1.2 mL (prefilled pods contain 20mg salt nicotine)

What’s in the Voom Pod Starter Kit Box?

Voom Starter Kit Grey

  • Voom vape device
  • Voom 1.2ml 20mg tobacco vape pod
  • USB charging dock
  • User manual

The Voom is flawless in every way: it’s small, smooth, and incredibly light at only 16g – which is about the same weight as an AA battery, but, without feeling poorly made etc (check out the Voom Labs starter Kit Here). 

It has a modern, premium style with its chrome Apple-like finish, bevelled edges, and buttonless design. The device’s cover is made of aluminium alloy, which is the same material used for iPhone covers, giving it a premium feel that isn’t usually associated with e-cigarettes.

With its draw-activated firing system and MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping, the Voom is a pleasure to hold; satisfyingly close to a cigarette and unobtrusive to use.

It has a high-quality black micron ceramic coil for more efficient atomisation and to bring out the pod’s flavour without leaving a burnt aftertaste. This also ensures equal heating, resulting in smoke that is clearly smooth and consistent.

Safety features:

  • Overcharge protection
  • Blowback protection
  • Protection against short-circuiting
  • Low voltage protection
  • Overtime protection for smoking

The Powerful Voom

The Voom’s 320mAh battery is more than adequate for a gadget this small and light.

With mild to moderate use, the Voom can last up to two or three days, The Voom comes with a charging case, which is necessary for intensive vaping. I easily received more than a day’s worth of use from a single charge (which takes 45 minutes), but I’m a light/moderate vaper. I also tried out the Voom portable charging case, which is a terrific alternative for charging your device when you’re away from home or out and about if you forgot to charge it before leaving the house.

Using the Voom to Vape

The Voom’s simplicity is a highlight — the pods slide in simply, and the magnetic mechanism locks in with a gratifying snap. The pods are securely fastened and blend in with the rest of the gadget once installed.

While most pod mods require a convoluted system of button pressing before you can begin vaping, the buttonless Voom pod mod is ready to use right away, making it an excellent alternative for beginners or people who don’t want to deal with the intricacy of other devices.

To take a draw, simply inhale; the sensitive air drive detects this for natural and realistic vaping. 

This is a lot of fun. The mouthpiece is designed to be as comfortable as possible. Voom uses MTL (Mouth To Lung) drip, which I think contributes to the cigarette-like sensation, but it could be a drawback if you prefer DTL.

The Voom pod mod provided an amazing vaping experience, with a smooth throat hit and a powerful and robust flavour from the pods. The design allows for a tight draw, and there was plenty of vapour. The device’s micron ceramic coil is of outstanding quality, producing finer smoke and a softer throat sensation in addition to a rich flavour.

Given the device’s small, the vaping experience is unaffected, and it’s similar to larger devices on the market. Because of its small size, the Voom is also quite inconspicuous to use.

Voom Light Indicator

The Voom employs a discreet LED light to display the device’s battery level and any potential issues. This is a practical yet attractive modification that comes with a more comprehensive system than previous pod mods.

The Voom Battery Light:
  • 30 percent battery life is indicated by the colour red.
  • Blue indicates that the battery is between 30 and 70 percent charged.
  • White indicates that the battery is at least 70% charged.
  • Green indicates that the battery is completely charged.

Vape Pods by Voom

A 1.2ml prefilled tobacco pod with high quality 20mg salt nicotine is included in the Voom Pod Starter Kit. 

Then, you can select between using Voom prefilled pods in a variety of flavours or refillable pods with your favourite e-liquid. This provides a lot of flexibility: the pods are small and light, making them easy to transport and slip into a pocket if you need a replacement while away from home, and the Voom can be customised to suit your preferences thanks to the refillable pods.

The pods themselves are well-designed, and the body is composed of metal with a gold-plated electrode, which matches the device’s overall high-quality feel. 

Another thing…

There’s no need to worry about e-liquid spilling into your purse or pocket because they’re leak-proof and anti-tamper. 

Although the 1.2ml capacity is slightly less than that of other pod mods, it still provides roughly 250-300 puffs per pod, which is adequate for a device of this size – check out our best disposable vape pods here.

Tobacco, mint, ice grape, ice watermelon, ice strawberry, ice lemon, ice mango, roasted coffee, shisha, and double apple are among the prefilled pod flavours. Multipacks of Voom Pods are available.

How does the Voom Pod Starter Kit stack up against the competition?

While the Voom’s battery capacity is smaller than some of the other pod mods on the market, it doesn’t get much better for a gadget this little.

The 1.2ml vape pod capacity isn’t as large as some other devices, but these are also bulkier; I still like the featherlight Voom. In comparison to most of its competitors, it offers a larger selection of prefilled pod flavours, which many will appreciate. It’s one of the simplest and lightest pod mods on the market, which is unsurprising.


  • Design – excellent quality and a premium appearance 
  • Simplicity – no buttons, simply inhale 
  • Perfect for novices and those looking for a simple vaping experience.
  • Pod possibilities – the range of prefilled pod flavours, as well as the option of utilising a refillable pod, makes it appropriate for everyone. 


  • Only MTL is available; there is no DTL option for those who like it. There are no alternatives for customising your vaping experience, such as the manual draw and so on.



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