Voom Iris Mini Disposable Vapes Review | Rechargeable vape pen

Voom Iris Mini Disposable Vapes Review

VOOM LABS has designed the Voom Iris Mini disposable vape pod that is unique in that it is not only available in a variety of flavours, but it is also one of the first rechargeable disposables, enabling you to squeeze out every last drop of e-liquid before moving on to the next one.

Voom Iris Mini Flavour Review

Voom Iris Blue Raspberry 600 Puff Disposable Vape (20MG)

Here are things to know about 21 of the Voom Iris Mini flavours:

  • Apple Ice tastes like a sour green apple with a dash of ice. For people who don’t want something overly sweet, this is a pleasant and refreshing flavour.
  • Banana Ice is a creamy frozen banana flavour that is great for vaping all day.
  • Blackcurrant Grape: A super-sweet combination of blackcurrant and juicy grape, perfect for sweet-toothed people.
  • Blackcurrant Lemonade is a zingy, sweet berry lemonade with a hint of sourness.
  • Blue Raspberry is a sweet and tart fruit combination.
  • Blueberry Ice is a traditional combination of luscious blueberries and refreshing ice.
  • Cola: A frothy, sweet cola drink with a tinge of ice.
  • Energy: A conventional energy drink’s fresh and delicious flavour.
  • Grape Ice has a rich, sweet black grape flavour with a hint of ice.
  • Ice Cream: A smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream with a tinge of ice.
  • Mango Ice is a tropical, delicious mango flavour with icy undertones.
  • Mint: A classic mint flavour that is refreshing and somewhat sweet.
  • Mixed Berries: A beautifully balanced combination of sweet and juicy fruit flavours.
  • Orange Ice is a zesty, pleasant orange flavour served over ice.
  • Passion Grapefruit: A combination of tropical passionfruit and acidic grapefruit that’s perfect for vapers searching for something a little different.
  • Peach Ice is a frozen peach flavour that is sweet and juicy.
  • Pineapple Ice is a tart, sweet pineapple with a tinge of ice.
  • Strawberry Banana combines the sweetness of strawberries with the creaminess of bananas.
  • Strawberry Ice Cream is a delicious combination of ripe strawberries and creamy vanilla ice cream.
  • Watermelon Ice is a frozen watermelon that is fresh and delicious.

Each Voom Iris bar has a 320mAh battery and 2ml of e-liquid, and each Iris Mini disposable lasts about 600 puffs.

The Voom Iris Mini can be recharged via a USB-C connection, ensuring that you don’t waste any juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Voom a decent vape?

The Voom pod mod provided an amazing vaping experience, with a smooth throat hit and a powerful and robust flavour from the pods. The device’s micron ceramic coil is of outstanding quality, producing finer smoke and a gentler throat sensation in addition to a rich flavour.

Is vaping using Voom safe?

Despite the fact that the VOOM is small and compact, safety is not compromised; with many safety measures, this gadget will keep you moving without stress. It’s a terrific small gadget for vapers searching for a loyal friend for every occasion, not only for those attempting to stop smoking.

What exactly is Voom vape?

VOOM Bar is a disposable vape designed for smokers who want to give electronic cigarettes a try without breaking the bank. This is a “disposable” e-cigarette, which implies that as the battery runs out, the device is thrown away.


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