Puff Count

Thank you for visiting our website. We understand there is confusion around the number of puffs that electronic cigarettes can deliver and so we wanted to share with you how Voom calculates the number of puffs our devices deliver.

When Voom products state “Up to 950 puffs”, this gives an indication of the total number of puffs a product will deliver, based on testing of the products using a consistent puffing time. For products such as our Voom Go disposable vaping device (which cannot be recharged), the number of puffs is based on the total number of puffs the product will deliver until the battery is fully discharged and the device no longer produces vapour. For our rechargeable products, such as Voom ePod, the number of puffs is based on the total number of puffs the pod will deliver until the e- liquid runs out.

The total number of puffs is calculated by testing our products on a machine that collects the vapour aerosol produced when the product is used. This machine (what we call a “puffing engine”) can take 1000s of puffs that are identical.

We believe our consumers are individuals and you will use our products in a way that suits your own preferences. How you use our products will likely differ at different points of the day or during different occasions. This will have an impact on the total number of puffs that a device will deliver so we’ve devised a methodology to provide you with consistent measure of the total number of puffs for Voom products. Our methodology is based on a consumer experience puff duration of 1 second per puff that reflects a proportion of consumer usage behaviours.

You may not know, but there is an international standard for puffing regimes, which typically is 3 seconds per puff. However, this standard is typically used when measuring emissions from products for reporting to regulations as part of our legal requirements. We have not applied this standard to our puff count as our consumer puffing behaviour insights show that a 3 second puff duration is an over-estimate of puffing duration for the majority of users of our products.   To support easy and consistent consumer navigation of our products we have used a 1 second puff duration which also takes into account other relevant factors that may impact the total number of puffs our products will deliver.   We will of course continue to use the ISO 207681 vapour puffing regime standard for scientific studies and regulatory submissions.

For the sake of transparency, you can see our puff counts using the 1
second and 3 second puffing regimes in the table below.

Consumer experience puff count
(number of
ISO 207681 vapour puffing regime
(number of puffs)
Voom Pod Mod Kits
Voom Refill Pods1200250
Iris Mini

If you still have questions about our puff count, please contact customer

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