VOOM Vape Pro Premium Kit

The Voom Pod System is a sleek and attractive product from Voom Labs. This gadget was created with the user in mind, making vaping on the go easier than ever before.

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Key Features of the Pro Premium Voom Kit;

  • Voom Pod System with 320mAh Battery
  • Draw-activated USB charger included in Grey, Gold, and Green
  • Voom pods are available for purchase here.
  • The Voom Device Kit is 110mm x 75mm x 21mm in size.
  • The Voom is a premium vape kit that blends excellent performance with gorgeous modern design, ushering in a new era of pod systems

About the Voom Device Kit

The Voom is a pod vape with a closed system pod vape that comes in a variety of flavours, ranging from pleasant fruit and ice to classic coffee and tobacco combinations. It uses the famous ‘click & go’ method to make vaping simple, straightforward, and accessible. Pods include a high-quality ceramic coil with micron technology that brings out the vibrant flavours of your favourite pod.

The Voom e-cigarette is ergonomically built to easily slip into and out of your pocket; it’s only 1cm thick! The gadget is also exceptionally light, weighing only 16g (about the same as an AA battery), making it ideal for stealth vaping. Despite its small weight, the Voom starting kit has a 320mAh battery that will last you from dawn till the end of your evening.

Above all, the Voom is a beautiful piece from Voom Labs. This gadget has a crisp, elegant look thanks to curved edges, a dazzling aluminium frame, and a modern colour palette. The Voom will never appear out of place, whether you’re dressed up at work, dressed up for a big night, or just going about your daily routine!

Case for Charging on the Go

The VOOM pro kit includes the VOOM Portable Charging Case, which is the most significant distinction between the beginning and pro kits. This elegant and understated case stays with the notion of being ultra-compact and allows you to charge your VOOM pod gadget on the go, no matter where you are. It includes a 1200mah internal battery that lasts for 3 and 3/4 full charges of the Voom device, ensuring you’ll never be without your favourite vape. Furthermore, it protects your VOOm when charging and even has a space for storing a spare pod. The Voom portable charging case contains everything you’ll need to last for days in one attractive package.

11 Flavours Expertly Created

Voom Liquid Pods come in a variety of 11 professionally created flavours, as well as empty refillable pods that may be used with your favourite e-liquid. These come in 3-packs, with each pod carrying 1.2ml of e-liquid in 20mg nic salt, and they even have multipacks with a variety of flavours so you can switch things up on the fly.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Voom Battery Device
  • 1 x Portable Charging Case
  • 1 x Tobacco Liquidpod
  • 1 x USB Charging Dock & USB-C Cable