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Introducing the Voom Mango Ice Replacement Pods 1200 Puff with a potent dose of 20mg Nicotine salt for an intense and refreshing vaping experience. These pods offer extended use with a total of 2×600 puffs, making them perfect for vapers who crave both a delightful mango flavour and a satisfying nicotine hit. 

Key Features: 

  • High Nicotine Content: Each pod is loaded with 20mg of nicotine salt, ensuring a strong and quick nicotine delivery. ???????? 

  • Double the Puff Capacity: These pods provide you with a total of 1200 puffs, split into two pods with 600 puffs each, offering a long-lasting vaping experience without the need for frequent replacements. ????️ 

  • Mango Ice Flavour: Enjoy the sweet and tropical taste of mango, enhanced with a refreshing ice undertone, giving you the perfect combination of fruitiness and menthol coolness. ????❄️ 

  • User-Friendly Design: These pods are designed for hassle-free use. Simply insert the pod into your Voom Mod, and you are ready to enjoy a flavourful and satisfying vaping experience. ???????? 

The Voom Mango Ice Replacement Pods 1200 Puff with 2×600 puffs each are ideal for vapers who want a strong nicotine to hit and an extended vaping experience, all while savouring the delicious mango and menthol fusion. Whether you are new to vaping or an experienced enthusiast, these pods offer both convenience and flavour for a fantastic vaping journey. ????❄️????