VOOM IRIS MINI MESH APPLE ICE 600 Puff Disposable Vape – 20MG


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VOOM IRIS MINI Apple Ice Disposable: An Exquisite Fusion of Flavour and Convenience with 20mg Nicotine Salt At VOOM, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional vaping experiences, and our IRIS MINI Apple Ice Disposable is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Designed with a focus on flavour, convenience, and style, the VOOM IRIS MINI Apple Ice Disposable is a must-have for discerning vapers seeking a refreshing and invigorating taste sensation, coupled with the smooth satisfaction of 20mg nicotine salt. Taste Sensation: The defining characteristic of the VOOM IRIS MINI Apple Ice Disposable is its tantalizing apple ice flavour profile. Immerse yourself in the crisp, juicy sweetness of freshly picked apples, expertly balanced with a soothing, cooling ice finish. Each puff is a refreshing journey through orchards of perfectly ripe apples, culminating in a delightful and invigorating vaping experience that will leave your taste buds tingling with satisfaction. Key Features: • Ergonomic Design: The IRIS MINI is designed with user comfort in mind, featuring a sleek and portable design that fits perfectly in your hand and pocket. • Pre-filled and Ready to Use: No need to worry about messy refills or charging. Simply unbox and enjoy the exquisite taste of apple ice immediately. • Long-lasting: Each disposable unit is built to last, delivering a consistent and satisfying vaping experience throughout its lifespan. • 20mg Nicotine Salt: Experience the smooth satisfaction of nicotine salt at 20mg strength, providing a satisfying and more controlled nicotine delivery. • Leak-Proof Design: Our advanced technology ensures a leak-proof vaping experience, keeping your device clean and hassle-free. Safety Precautions: • Store the device in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. • Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the device. It contains sensitive components that should not be tampered with. • Keep the device out of reach of children and pets. • If you experience any discomfort, adverse reactions, or unusual symptoms while using the VOOM IRIS MINI Apple Ice Disposable, discontinue use immediately and consult a medical professional. • Dispose of the device properly in accordance with local regulations. Do not dispose of it in regular household waste.