How to use an easy vape?

How to use an easy vape?

You might have come across this name or product as most vape shops or attendants will often recommend this product, especially for first-time vapers. So what exactly is Easy Vape? Easy vape is a dry herb vaporizer created to make vaping much more accessible and fun for both new and experienced vapers. The vape pen’s design improves the whole experience of vaping.

Ever since the debut of vapes in the market, the vaporizer has been received differently, with some people appreciating it while others being against it. However, manufacturers have used the criticism to develop better products that are more acceptable in the market. The dry herb vaporizer has been recognized as one of the simplest devices to use and is recommended to both experienced and new users.

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In this article, Voom Labs, a leading online vape store in the UK, will review a few basics regarding the Easy vape and provide valuable tips and directions on using the gadget effectively.

Features of the Easy Vape

The features below have not been compiled in any order but somewhat randomly. The features of the Easy Vape device are as follows;

  1.     The device has a total of five control buttons that make it easy to use and set your preference.
  2.     A digital LCD has the settings, device’s charge percentage, and temperature.
  3.     It has a ceramic heating element compatible with the pen to provide maximum heating.
  4.     The device has a quick heating up time that efficiently burns the dry herbs in ready for your smoking session
  5.     The device has a hands-free connection that makes the vaporizer portable and very easy to carry around.
  6.     The device has a strong battery that can hold power for long periods and gives you the ability to enjoy your vape without being cut short.
  7.     The device is also available in several colors. You get several options to choose from.

Design and Quality of the Easy Vape Device

The easy vape has one of the coolest and unique designs in vapes. The device is built to give its user comfort while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing. The pen from its exterior design was made to mimic a budget vape pen but one that is also functional at the same time.

The vape pen also comes with accessories, namely;

  • 1*18mm hands-free glass wand
  • 1*30 inches’ surgical grade tube
  • 1* glass mouthpiece
  • 1* stainless steel screen

How to Use the Easy Vape Device?


You will need to turn on the device to use it. Press the power button, then press the set button to start the preheat feature that warms up the device. The temperature control feature can be used to adjust the temperature on the device. However, it is essential to remember to always start from a lower temperature and slowly build upwards to your preferred temperature. It will help avoid burning out your dry herbs.

Once your gadget is warm for a few minutes, the recommended time is about five minutes. You could take that opportunity to grind up your herbs. It is also important to note that this vaporizer only works with dry herbs, and you will require to grind your spices before heating them finely. It will help air to pass through during combustion freely.

Once your herbs are finely grounded and the device well heated, it’s then time to load the spices to the gadget. Pack the grounded powder lightly to avoid getting tight. Attach the heating element on the vaporizer and try twisting upside down to ensure that the powder has been efficiently held in place.

It could seem like a long process to beginners, but it gets easier with time as you use the vaporizer more often.

Performance of The Easy Vape Pen

There are claims that the easy vape is quite different from other vapes in performance. The older vaporizers have been said to have issues, especially when burning the herbs. There are also complaints regarding the temperature feature, the old vapes could get to some unfavorable temperatures that could make the vaping experience uncomfortable.

However, the easy vape makes it very easy to use and is quite effective in burning and providing the right temperature. The herbs are also evenly burnt. In case you find that you are not able to get enough vapor from your vaporizer, easy vape has an additional switch where you can alter the heating levels. You can use these switches to switch the heat up using the setting buttons provided on the device.

The possibility of your vaporizer heating up well depends on the quality of the herbs as well as the temperature settings. As a beginner, you will therefore require a couple of trials before finding the best fit for you.

Points to Note When Using the Easy Vape Gadget

  • The vaporizer will not function without a fuse mounted, so you will require to ensure that the fuse is always functioning before using the gadget.
  • Always ensure that you place the device in a well-ventilated area in order to avoid suffocation for the user or inadequate air that could impact the quality of your experience.
  • Remember to set your temperatures by first warming before moving it to the highest temperature. Give your device time to properly arm up before using it.
  • Drawing too slowly could cause combustion. If you see a flame. Blow out the fire immediately and carefully empty the wand, and repeat the steps to light up your vape.

You may need a couple of trials before getting a hand with the vaping experience. You can also practice with an easy vape in order to master the perfect breathing technique.

Where to get similar vaping devices and appliances?

Vaping is a fun and safer way of enjoying smoking. And while it has a plethora of benefits and advantages, they can only be derived from getting your supply from a reputable and dependable vaping store.

Rely on the #1 vaping store in the UK, Voom Labs. We sell first-rate vaping products and appliances, ensuring quality and offering our clients a variety of options. Check out our online store and get the ultimate vaping experience. 

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