How to Quit Smoking: Complete Guide

How to Quit Smoking

quit smoking

Every smoker has had the intention of quitting smoking at least once. However, their attempt to quit smoking has been thwarted by nicotine addiction, withdrawal effects or the weakening of resolve in the long term.

In this article, the team at Voom Labs, a UK-based online vape store, advises smokers on the various strategies that can help them on this journey. By following the strategies provided and knowing what you should and should not do, you are creating a firm foundation for your non-smoking future.

Planning to quit

The wise men of old said, “If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.” While you might have made the decision to quit, you need to prepare yourself mentally. These small preparations will put you in the proper mindset to quit smoking. You can also prepare a few products and resources to make your quitting manageable and successful.

You can start off by getting checked by the family doctor. Discuss your plans to quit smoking. They might recommend a few medical tips given the condition of your body.

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Also, set the quit date. You can decide to make a ‘big’ event of it by calling up your friends and family. Your close circle will keep you accountable over the next few months. Remember that you cannot be able to complete this journey on your own. You will need their mental and psychological support in the days to come.

The use of nicotine replacement treatment products

As you prepare to quit, you should be aware of cravings that will rack your body. Due to the months or years of smoking, your brain and body have become addicted to nicotine. It will take some time for your body to get used to no supply of nicotine. The brain sends signals to your body that come in the form of cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine replacement treatment products, also known as NRT, can help with the cravings which can be very intense. Some of the worthwhile mentions include the use of inhalers, nicotine patches, non-nicotine medications, gums and lozenges as well as vaping devices and products.

Of the options mentioned above, the use of vaping devices and products has received significant attention. They have been deemed an effective way of helping smokers on their journey to quit. Vaping is also more environment friendly, easy to use and leaves no unpleasant odors on your clothes or fingers.

But for you to enjoy all the benefits that come with vaping, you must rely on a trusted and reliable vape store. Voom Labs is an established company, offering quality vape devices and exceptional vape products. Our wide range of flavors allow smokers to slowly assimilate to a life without smoking and nicotine.

Be patient

From our experience dealing with smokers, they expect to quickly let go of the habit in a few weeks or months. They envision themselves being able to go through a day without having the urge to smoke. This is not often the case.

As stated above, quitting smoking actually means dealing with the effect of nicotine on your body and brain, especially the addiction. Therefore, it is only fair that we give ourselves time to replace our habits.

Have patience with yourself.

Staying positive

Staying positive

Due to the cravings and withdrawal symptoms, there are days that you might feel a bit under the weather, both physically and mentally. You might feel some negative thoughts building up and negatively affecting your progress. As you work on your goals, you should affirm yourself and keep positive.

Have positive mantras that you can repeat to yourself time and time again during such occasions. Another resource that can work wonders is keeping a ‘gratitude’ journal. In it, you will have detailed the positive results of your journey so far. Reading through it will give you context and make you stronger for the long-run.

Care for your body

After months or years of abusing your body, it is time that you take extra care of your body. All your physical needs to be comprehensively met to counter the withdrawal effects of nicotine on your body.

Here are a few tips that you should consider:

  • A well-balanced diet

Consider the addition of fruits and vegetables to your diet, especially those with anti-inflammatory properties. You might want to get a boost by asking your doctor for multivitamins.

  • Rest

Withdrawal symptoms and cravings will drain you physically and mentally. Whenever you get the chance, rest.

  • Drink hot water and warm beverages

Smoking leads to inflammation of the bronchitis and the accumulation of mucus. Warm beverages will help thin out the mucus and ease the burden of taking in air.

  • Exercise

Daily exercise will have significant benefits to your body. It will increase your lung function by increasing your aerobic activity. Exercise also has mental benefits. It keeps your mind occupied and away from the thoughts of smoking.

Avoid Triggers

We have mentioned that there will be times when you are struck with the sudden urge to smoke or chew tobacco. This might be in a particular social setting, when you taste coffee or when you feel stressed. It is important that you identify these situations and plan to avoid them entirely. By doing so, you are setting yourself up to win against nicotine.

One particular trigger responsible for high relapse rate is alcohol. Drinking alcohol puts you in a position where you can make mistakes and poor decisions. You may also be susceptible to pressure from your mates to smoke a cigarette or two.  


Whenever you feel the urge to go back to smoking, think of the progress that you have made over the years. Also consider your chief motivation. It could be health related, to enjoy your later years with your spouse or financial freedom. Trust in the process and the journey.  

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