How To Inhale A Disposable Vape: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Inhale A Disposable Vape

A vape, or an e-cigarette is known by many names. They are also called e-pipes, e-pens, and e-cigars. Vapes are actually vaporizers that are operated by a lithium battery, and they look like regular cigarettes. It is made with a liquid cartridge, instead of tobacco, to be able to release nicotine.

The disposable vape pods uk or e-cigarettes is a small and non-rechargable device that is attached with a pre-charged battery, and a cartridge that has already been pre-filled with e-liquid or vape juice. You simply open the pack and then inhale the vape. When you’re done with it, you simply dispose, and start vaping a new one.

If you’re new to vaping, it’s a good option to do so with a disposable device. These sorts of e-cigs contain high salt nicotine that provides a satisfying experience. Although vapes have been designed to imitate the smoking experience, it brings lesser hassle. You would not need a lighter to puff it, and it is draw-activated, making it ready for vaping when you want so.

A vape may have been created to mimic smoking a tobacco cigarette, but there are salient differences in how you inhale one and the other. The most important among these is that a vape is inhaled for a longer time than a cigarette. So how exactly do you inhale a disposable vape? Below is a step by step guide.

5 Steps Of Inhaling A Disposable Vape

Step 1: Be aware that smoking a tobacco cigarette is different from inhaling a vape

Those quick and short puffing of a traditional cigarette is not how it goes when inhaling the device. What you do with an e-cigarette is inhale for a longer time and do it slowly. Allow the vapor to fill your mouth. After taking three up to seven draws of an e-cig, rest for a while so that the device can cool down and your throat can be relieved.

Step 2: Warm up the vape by doing a primer puff

This is when you quickly inhale into the mouth of the device so that the coil will be heated. This is not the time to produce vapor, but just to prime the vape.

Step 3: Inhale the vape slowly and steadily

Draw the device in a slow and steady manner until your mouth becomes filled with vapor. When your mouth is full of vapor, you can then draw it into your lungs or swallow.

Step 4: Contain the vapor in your mouth for 3 to 5 seconds

After holding in your mouth for 3 to 5 seconds, inhale the vapor into your lungs, and then slowly breathe it out of your mouth or nose. Vaping allows you to absorb nicotine through your mouth mucus membrane, your nose, and your lungs, unlike smoking a traditional cigarette.

Step 5: Wait for at least 30 seconds to feel the nicotine “hit”

Not like with a tobacco cigarette that lets you feel the nicotine effect after 8 seconds of smoking, you should wait for 30 seconds after vaping for the same. This takes getting used to, but you should be fine after puffing a vape for a few times.

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