How Many People Vape in The UK?

How Many People Vape in The UK? 

Studies done by Action on Smoking and Health suggest that the number of people vaping in the UK has reached 3.6 million. This number is about half the number of smokers in the UK. The data also indicates that most vapers are former smokers, with giving up tobacco being the main reason for the switch. 

A key reason for this is vaping devices and appliances as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products. Vaping makes use of less concentrated amounts of nicotine similar to other NRT products such as tablets, nicotine patches, and other medically approved drugs. 

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Some studies claim vaping has helped over 70,000 individuals quit tobacco smoking in 2017. The number of vapers has steadily been increasing since then where some ex-tobacco smokers quitting smoking altogether. Others, however, still smoke tobacco cigarettes and vape, while most have fully transitioned to exclusively vaping.

In this article, Voom Labs, a verifiable and trusted vape online store, will give you information about the current statistics on vaping in the UK. We offer a wide range of products and vape devices of the highest quality. 

Vaping Among Young People

How Many People Vape in The UK

Based on socio-economic data derived from teens between 11 to 18-year-old, the estimates for smoking and vaping are higher among the social grades A, B, and C1, where at least 5.3% were vapers. The number is a bit lower for those of a lower social class which stands at 3.5% vapers.  

Research reveals that most young people who had never smoked are current vapers, with popular reasons for vaping being; To either give it a try due to peer pressure or trying to fit in, among several other reasons. 

Of the 11 to 18-year-olds vapers, 11.9% of them reported vaping to quit smoking. Most of these vapers said they had smoked first then switched to vaping 45.5%; others had vaped before smoking a cigarette, while others had tried a vaping product but never smoked before.

The most popular products among the young were reusable tank models or have rechargeable kits that users could refill with liquid. It is also important to note that the use of prefilled cartridges models has also increased significantly over recent years. 

Fruit flavors were the most popular among young vapers, followed closely by mint, also referred to as menthol, then lastly chocolate and other candy flavors. Also, most vapers reported using vaping products that contained nicotine, and only a tiny percentage used nicotine-free products. 

Most of the nicotine users used products with at least 20 milligrams of nicotine, while others did not know the strength of their vaping liquid. Over half of those who vaped currently used nicotine salts, while a few of them were unsure if nicotine salts were present in their vaping juice or not.

As with tobacco smoking, addition is a huge concern. Most tobacco smokers have issues quitting due to addiction. There have been issues raised as to whether vaping leads to addiction. Of the young population interviewed, over half of those who had vaped in the last thirty days claim not to be addicted to vaping. Only a tiny percentage claimed to feel addicted to vaping. It is important to note that 18.4% of the total vapers claimed to experience urges to vape either from time to time or all the time.

The increase in vape usage among the young has also led to a significant reduction in the number of individuals using tobacco. The current use of heated tobacco products was rare among the young. Most young users use nicotine pouches as the only tobacco substance or have never used a tobacco substance before. 

However, vaping and smoking may seem prevalent among the young in the UK, and the numbers are higher for those vaping rather than using cigarettes which is a bit encouraging. However, there is a need for education among the young, especially those who use nicotine-based vape products. 

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Vaping Among Adults

Smoking prevalence among adults in the UK continues to fall; the proportion of vapers who smoke has also declined in the last several years. Among adults, over half of those that have never smoked had tried vaping once or twice. The remainder smoked daily.

A decreasing proportion of long-term former smokers used nicotine replacement therapy, and an increasing proportion used vaping products. Some of the common reasons for vaping were quitting smoking, staying off cigarettes, or reducing smoking tobacco. Most of the current vapers reported vaping to quit smoking tobacco. 

Most adult vapers use tank models, less than 5% of the vapers used strengths allowed by regulations, while non-nicotine liquids were not as popular among the adults as was with the young population. Just over half of vapers reported reducing the strength of nicotine liquid since they started vaping. Only 2% of the vapers who started on non-nicotine liquid switched to smoke nicotine. 

Fruit, tobacco, and menthol were the most popular flavors among adult vapers. Regarding the level of addiction, adults with a history of smoking and vaping claimed that they were less addicted to vaping than smoking. However, a perception of being more addicted to vaping than smoking may be more common among dual users who smoke and vape. 

In Conclusion

The percentage of vapers has significantly increased in the UK over the years. However, it seems that vaping is more prevalent among the young than adults. The statistics reveal that vaping has a lower concentration of nicotine and offers several benefits to long-term smokers. In some cases, it has helped smokers to quit smoking altogether. 

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