How Long Do Puff Bar Disposables Last? Tips To Make It Last Longer

How Long Do Puff Bar Disposables Last?

There are many considerations when you ask the question “How long do puff bar disposables last?” The first idea is to determine how these devices conclude their lifespan. 

You use and smoke a puff bar, and you keep on hitting it until its e-juice dries out or its battery depletes. It can be sooner or later until there is nothing of these elements left. It is then that you dispose of it. (See best refillable pod vape uk)

Your Use Of Your Puff Bar Determines Its Lifespan

It’s simple logic, it seems, that your use of your puff bar dictates how long it will last. Will your puff bar be exhausted early on, or is it going to last longer? The results are essentially in your hands. 

You therefore have to limit the use of your puff bar so that you get to keep it for long. Using it less means it will stay with you for an extended period of time. Use your device to the least, and you get to keep it for the longest.

Then again, it doesn’t sound easy, nor does it seem like fun. You bought a puff bar so that you can enjoy the most satisfying vaping experience. Scrimping on its use doesn’t give you that.

The key, then is to use your puff bar strategically. Yes, there are such ways, and this guide will elucidate you about them.

Before you dive into the particulars of making your puff bar last longer, you primarily have to know how long these devices last. 

How Long Does A Puff Bar Last?

When it comes to e-cigarettes, puff bars have become the most popular and favourite among enthusiasts. As a vape, they are all-in-one devices, and they are so convenient and easy to use. You wouldn’t need to do any troubleshooting, much less refilling the e-juice, or recharging the battery. 

Puff bar disposables are that- disposables- meaning you throw them away after using them up. They don’t last forever. Upon depletion or dying out of your current device, you merely have to go to the store or order online to get a new pack. This sounds straightforward and disappointing, however, there are things that you can do to make your puff bar disposables last longer.

How Much Is The E-Juice and Battery Capacity Of A Puff Bar?

The world of e-vapourizers or electronic cigarettes can sometimes be complicated. Puff bars make it simple. There are plenty of concerns about how much of a real pain it can be to use regular vapes because of the short length of time of their use, especially if they are installed with a smaller tank or a short battery life. 

You can do away with these frustrations if you use puff bars, particularly the original sort of these products.

The tank capacity of an original puff bar is 1.3 ml, and it is equipped with a 280 mAh battery. For every bar, you can get around 300 puffs, which is equivalent to smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes. That means one puff bar gives you more or less 300 hits.

Steps To Make Your Puff Bar Last Longer

Take smaller puffs

You may tend to draw your puff bar slowly and deeply to be able to produce and inhale the thickest clouds. Nevertheless, doing these massive hits will quickly dry your device out. What you should do instead is to take smaller hits each time because this preserves the wicking system and the battery of your bar.

Use different flavours every time

Your unit would inevitably die out earlier than expected if you take a single of it and concentrate on using it for the day. It makes more sense to puff multiple bars every time, or to try different flavours for the duration of the day. 

How about vaping two different flavours in one rotation? Cater to whatever suits your mood, too, by inhaling tastes that you crave at different times. Regardless of using a single or a few bars each time, each of these devices gives you up to 300 to 800 hits nonetheless. The difference this method makes is that you’ll hardly notice that your bar is used up before replacing it with another.

Don’t vape too often

This was what this article was getting at the beginning. To reiterate, the more often you use your puff bar, the faster it depletes. So do it more sparingly. Puff your bar lesser throughout the day so that you’ll have more life from it.

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