When you vape, do you inhale?

When you vape, do you inhale?

When you vape, do you inhale

For an experienced e-cigarette or vaping device user, this question is likely to make you giggle.

However, this is a legitimate question, and many of those who have recently switched to vaping do so. If you’ve been thinking about this subject and haven’t been able to find satisfactory answers, you’re in luck – keep reading!

Inhaling is a natural activity for all of us because we breathe every minute of our lives. Cigarette smokers are familiar with this process, although not all of them are.

People who are accustomed to smoking cigars or pipes have presumably done it for years without inhaling. So, the question of whether or not to inhale from an e-cigarette or a vaping device is one that should be addressed.

There’s good news: there isn’t a right or incorrect response! Vaping items are quite versatile; you can use them in any method that best suits your needs. Let’s learn more about inhaling and vaping, and whether the two procedures are compatible.

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Vaping 101

It’s vital to note that vaping is regarded a tobacco substitute, despite the fact that it’s nothing like smoking. This phrase suggests that vaping tries to replicate as closely as possible the experience and sensations of smoking.
Regardless of what you used to smoke, vaping must be as close to that as possible in order for this substitution to work.

Most people turn to vaping because they wish to reduce, if not eliminate, the number of cigarettes they smoke, or even quit completely.

Cigarettes are, without a doubt, the most addictive nicotine delivery system. So, if you’re switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes or vaping devices, you should keep doing the same thing — inhaling the vapour that has built up in your mouth.

This method produces the same sensation, with a lower possibility of you missing the sensation of smoking. Vaping, on the other hand, is significantly safer because it does not entail inhaling heated and often poisonous tobacco fumes and particles.

Vapors from vaping devices are tiny chemical droplets, the majority of which have been approved for use in inhaled treatments, allowing your lungs to cope with this component easily.

MTL vs. DL

The manner you inhale when vaping for the first time can make or break your overall experience. This aspect is quite important. When you inhale incorrectly, you risk coughing excessively or experiencing an unpleasant nicotine rush.
There are two types of inhalation techniques: mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-lung (DL). Depending on the type of vape you have or want to use, these are the best inhalation techniques.


Mouth-to-lung (MTL) hits are best achieved with smaller vapes with high-resistance coils and high nicotine levels. Taking a drag from these devices should feel like sucking air through a coffee straw, regardless of device size – it should be tight!

This draw type produces low vapours and makes you feel like you’re smoking, giving you the throat hit that most, if not all, smokers crave. This straightforward method is as follows:

  • For the following five seconds, slowly draw vapour into your mouth.
  • Close your mouth and inhale for a second or two more.
  • As you open your mouth, take a deep breath and feel the vapour enter your lungs (do not swallow)
  • Exhale when the vapour has settled in your lungs for a long time.

Lung contact

When using larger vapes with low resistance coils and less nicotine, on the other hand, the direct-lung or DL hit is perfect. You’ll usually feel like you’re sucking air through a milkshake straw when you take a draw from one of these devices.

Because low or no nicotine is used, this type of draw produces the most vapours and feels like a “bong hit,” yet it is still considered smooth to flow and easy to execute. Follow these two (2) easy steps:

  • Draw a rapid swig of vapour directly into your lungs.
  • Exhale the vapour as soon as possible.

The Difference Between MTL and DL

MTL and DL are terms that have emerged as a result of new vaping technology that is now available in more powerful devices than ever before. It is critical for newcomers to the vaping scene to understand the differences between these two (2) terms in order to determine which option is best for them.

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) breathing requires you to inhale the vapour, collect it inside your mouth, and then fully breathe it into your lungs.

The tight draw sensation is provided by vaping device atomizers for this draw type. This is the hit that new vapers should start with when trying to quit smoking.

Direct-lung vaping, on the other hand, is much closer to how we normally breathe. DL devices are newer than MTL ones, have more complicated settings, and feature much looser atomizers, requiring a pull to use the lungs directly to inhale.

The MTL method significantly mirrors the affects one can experience from smoking. Since the earliest e-cigarette kits were only permitted for the MTL approach, early vaping adopters were familiar with this technique.
In addition, MTL setups often require significantly fewer power settings in terms of wattage and can take much larger quantities of nicotine and PG. Meanwhile, the DL approach produces far more vapour, resulting in cloud chasing.

More flavours are present, and hits might result in a more intense and fulfilling experience. For DL with larger hits, lower nicotine content is required, usually no more than 6mg.

With vape kits that provide airflow control, vapers frequently choose higher VG liquids, which are a lot smoother.

Puff of a cigar

Only a few people use an unusual method that involves puffing on their vapes like a cigar. The cigar puff method can be done with either high power (similar to DL) or low power vaping devices, albeit it is not technically the same as inhaling (similar to MTL).

Because the vapour is absorbed by the mucous membranes, this hit technique consumes nicotine. Some say that employing the cigar puff method to inhale to the lungs is unnecessary.


Whether you’re a novice who has never used a vaping device before or a seasoned veteran who has been doing so for a long time, one thing stays constant: discipline.

When it comes to enjoying your vaping experience, always remember to be cautious. When we adhere to safe approaches rather than experimenting on things we know would harm us in the long run, we gain a more significant experience.

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