Can You Refill Vape Pods? The 4 Advantages Of Refillable Pod Kits

Can You Refill Vape Pods?

Pod vapes come in refillable and non-refillable sorts. So when you ask “can you refill vape pods?”, the answer is basically both “yes”, and “no”.

New and experienced vapers have found pod vapes to be a very popular option, primarily because compared to traditional mod vape devices, they are more convenient and easy to use.

What Are Disposable Vape Pods? 

Disposable pods are also called pre-filled or closed system pods, and they consist of pre-filled cartridges that are available in a wide variety of strengths and flavours. With a pre-filled pod system, you don’t have to experience the mess or the fuss of refilling an open system pod or box mod.

There is almost always the right nicotine strength and e-juice flavour to suit your taste with a pre-filled vape pod. The pod has been designed to perfectly fit in the device, so its e-juice isn’t likely to leak. Refillable pods tend to have this issue. 

No need to worry about regularly changing the parts of your device, either, because a pre-filled or closed system vape pod has been set up to be disposable. That is, you simply throw it away after its e-juice or battery has been depleted. 

Because of its design wherein you’re mainly buying the technology along with just its vape juice, a closed system or pre-filled pod vape is apt to be costlier in the long run. Then again, whether it’s open system, closed system pod or box mod devices, you’ll significantly spend lesser with vaping compared to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, especially for the long term.

A pre-filled pod likewise uses only one sort or flavour of e-liquid, although you can buy several of them to find what caters to your liking.

What Is An Open System Or Refillable Vape Pod?

You will just have to click in and click out a refillable or open system vape pod, however, it is not disposable. Once the pod of your unit goes empty, you refill it, in the same way as a mod. 

When you purchase an open system vape pod, it doesn’t come with a pre-filled cartridge. You have to buy the e-liquid yourself and fill it into the pod via an opening in its segment. Although this requires a bit of effort, the advantage is that you get to choose which flavour, brand or range of vape juice to use. 

Using an open system or refillable vape pod, you’ll have a diverse vaping experience, in which you can do so with nicotine salt e-liquids or with the sub-ohm method. Since you already have the device, all you have to do is purchase your preferred e-liquid every time, allowing you to save money because it is cheaper per ml. Ongoing costs are thwarted because you don’t need to buy a pod every time you refill it. 

Refillable Vape Pods Vs Vape Mods

It may seem like there isn’t any big difference between using open system pod vapes and vape mods. After all, advanced open system pod devices also have complex features such as sub-ohm capability and adjustable wattage modes and temperature, among others. It’s almost the same method when you vape mods and pod systems. However, the difference is that an open-system vape pod contains the coil and just the vape juice tank. The tank contains the e-liquid, while the coil produces heat from the battery, consequently converting the e-liquid in the tank into vapour. Purchasing a new pod means you’ll be having a new coil and tank at the same time. Nevertheless, with vape mods, you can switch our the coil and the tank when you need to because they are separate from each other.

What Are The Advantages Of Refillable Pod Kits?

Beginner and advanced vapers like refillable pod kits in general for a variety of reasons, and they are:

  • Refillable pod kits are easy to use

With these kits, you don’t need to buy different products or parts that might not be compatible with each other. They are designed with simple presets or only a few basic settings, and are affordable. There’s no need to fit anything together before you use your device.

  • Refillable pods are convenient, just like pre-filled pods

You are not restricted to using a particular brand, flavour or range of e-juice with refillable pods, along with the strength of your nicotine hits.

  • Open system vape pods are small and portable

Refillable pod vapes generally fit into your bag, purse, pocket, office drawer and glove compartment. A lot of them are ergonomically-designed as well, allowing you to vape as comfortably as possible.

  • Open system vape pods require less maintenance

Unlike a vape mod, you don’t need to worry about regularly changing the coil or tank of your device, or constantly cleaning it.

Refillable vape pods are a fantastic option if you’re looking for a fun, convenient and flexible way of enjoying your vapes!


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