Can You Mail Vape Pods? Rules and Regulations For Shipping Vaping Products

Can You Mail Vape Pods?

Can you mail vape pods? Determining a “yes” or “no” answer to this question needs you to first check and take a good look at the pertinent rules and regulations about it. You basically have to be aware of what directives apply in terms of the transportation of these types of products by post and by courier.

Check With The Courier Company

An initial query that you have to consider is whether you can ship vape pods and other e-cigarette products with every courier company. You ought to know that not all courier companies ship e-cigarettes internationally. Companies like DHL, UPS and TNT, for instance, will not ship your package if it contains vaping electronic devices or vape juice.

So if you are planning to send vape pods by mail, you should check with your preferred courier at the outset to confirm what their specific regulations are in terms of various shipments and services.

Sending electronic cigarettes or vape pods by mail can only be carried out by authorized senders, especially in countries where they are considered as tobacco products. This mainly refers to licensed companies. In these countries, an individual is not allowed to ship vape pods by mail or by courier, as prohibited by shipping regulations. 

What Are The Local Regulations In The Pick-Up and Destination Countries?

If you are planning to send vape pods by mail, it’s best to check applicable local regulations in the pick-up and destination countries. 

You have to properly pack and ship the e-cigarettes that you are sending. The optimal packaging for such products is their original boxes. The original box of an electronic cigarette has been tailor-made for its particular model and provides the best protection while it is in transit.

What Types Of Vape Products Are Authorised For Shipping?

What about disposable vapes or puff bars? Can you send them via mail or via courier? Many countries have adopted the Vape Ban, and in such places, postal services and couriers are not allowed to accept shipments that contain all sorts of vaping products, and these include puff bars that are sent by one individual to another.

When it comes to shipping e-liquids or vape juice internationally, check what the regulations of your country are, and that of the destination country pertaining to the importation of nicotine products and flavoured vape juice or e-liquids. Obtain information about the restrictions and what types of e-liquids are authorised in the origin and destination locations.

How Does Insurance Apply?

Insurance for international shipping of vape devices and e-liquids applies only for licensed companies. The necessary documents should be accomplished and must be sent through an authorised courier.

If you are asking if it is illegal to send vape pods in the mail, it depends on the status of the product as nicotine-delivery devices in the destination location. If you ship your vape pods or puff bars internationally through mail or via courier, there is always the risk of them being confiscated by custom officers, even if these devices are not considered as officially prohibited.

So, fundamentally, it all goes down to the rules and regulations that apply in your country in regard to the shipping or mailing of vape pods and other vaping products.

How To Pack Vape Pods, E-Liquids and Other Vape Products For Shipping

Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Devices

  • Put the device inside a plastic bag.
  • It’s best to place the device inside its original packaging if you have it.
  • If the original packaging is not available, use any box wherein the device would fit accordingly.
  • Cover this initial box with bubble wrap and then place it inside a larger box.
  • Use cushioning materials to fill the spaces and voids.
  • Seal the box.

Flavoured or Nicotine E-Liquids or Vape Juice

  • Check the bottles of e-liquids and seal them tightly.
  • Use bubble wrap to individually protect the bottles.
  • Get a leak-proof plastic bag and place the bottles in it.
  • Use crumpled paper or other similar cushioning materials to fill the box.
  • If there are additional voids, fill them with extra cushioning materials.
  • Seal the box.

Do not remove the batteries from the device when packing. Leave them inside the device to prevent battery-related accidents. Make sure that you don’t accidentally turn on the power switch when putting the device inside the box.

The gist of the matter is to determine if electronic cigarettes and related products are legal in the pick-up and destination countries prior to sending or shipping them by mail or by courier. 


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