Can Vape Pods Explode? Safety Tips For Using Your Vaping Device

Can Vape Pods Explode?

There have been many myths about vaping that have been debunked. Some people are under the notion that e-cigarettes cause popcorn lung, and that puffing them is as harmful as smoking. 

However, these fallacies have been disproven, and people now believe that vaping is a better and healthier option than smoking. Not to mention that it is more satisfying as well.

What about when they say that e-cigarettes explode? Can vape pods explode?

Can E-Cigarettes Explode?

By the name itself, vape pods are also known as e-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes. Their nature being “electronic” means that a relative amount of electricity flows through them when they are being charged or operated. 

In the same way that you mishandle them as other electronic devices, or perhaps assemble them wrongly or charge them with the wrong voltage, e-cigs are prone to the dangers of sparks or explosions.

So basically, when you ask “can vape pods explode?”, the answer is “yes”, BUT only under certain conditions.

Your vape pods exploding can only be due to the fact that you have overlooked giving your device proper care and attention.

Your phone, your headset, your torch and your vape device, just like any other small and portable electronic devices have gone through stringent electrical safety standards before they were sent out in the market to be legally sold. There are different safety standards for these products in different regions and countries.

Nevertheless, to ensure that your vape pods are safe, you have to buy them and their parts from a credible and trusted seller. Its brand should be trusted and renowned. Doing these will reduce the chances of your device having electrical faults that can result to sparks, shocks, or explosions.

The media has featured some sensational stories of people having fallen as victims of exploding vape devices. Stories of vapes spontaneously combusting and leading to wounds or being the source of house fires are ultimately accounted for, for the most part, by a reaction of the lithium battery in the device. 

The e-cig battery can possibly explode if charged or mishandled incorrectly, that’s why you should always charge your device with a compatible charger and avoid carrying its batteries in your pocket loosely.

How To Care For Your Vape Battery

Explosions and fires arising from electronic cigarettes are largely due to the batteries they contain. Lithium-ion batteries are generally very safe to use, making them apt components for rechargeable devices such as cellphones, laptops, and yes – vape devices.

Lithium-ion batteries can quite be durable, but there are measures that you should do to prevent them from getting damaged and that you can use them for long. You have to be particular about these.

The most important thing that you should ensure is to keep your batteries from getting too hot. Their lifespan can significantly be reduced if you if you keep them in your car when the weather is hot, or on a window sill in your office where it’s sunny. Under the same conditions, their safety can be compromised.

Your lithium-ion batteries should not get wet, either, so keep them away from water or damp areas. Pressurized locations such as airplanes may likewise damage lithium-ion batteries, that’s why so many restrictions have been imposed when it comes to taking these components while on board.

Keep the batteries at room temperature, and do not fully charge or discharge them. More importantly, don’t charge them overnight, unattended, or for an indefinite period of time. Never use any other charger than the one that came with your vape.

Safety Tips For Using Your E-Cigarettes

  1. Carefully read the instruction manual of your device prior to using it.
  2. Use only the charger that came with your device when you purchased it.
  3. Always buy your vape and vape accessories from a reputable seller. Check it online for positive reviews.
  4. Don’t buy cheap or imitation vape products that may be faulty.
  5. Don’t use damaged or faulty vape products and equipment.
  6. Don’t leave your vape charged for an extended period of time, especially during bedtime.
  7. When charging your device, keep it away from flammable materials. Charge your vape in a safe environment.
  8. Safely transport your vape device and battery by placing them inside a protected travel case.
  9. Before working on rebuildable vapes, see to it that you are confident with the device safety precautions and features. 

As long as you give it due attention and care and follow safety precautions, your vape pods aren’t likely to explode, and you can enjoy your vaping to the fullest.


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