Customize Your E-Puffs With The Best Vape Accessories

Customize Your E-Puffs With The Best Vape Accessories

Customize Your E-Puffs

What’s so special about having the best vape accessories? To say it bluntly, it will give you the best satisfying vaping experience as well. This is what’s so unique about electronic smoking. It gives way more exhilarating nicotine hits than traditional tobacco smoking. Other than that, it is convenient and safer for the health, too.

You don’t have your pleasure in a singular way when it comes to vaping. You can actually customize how you go about with it, such as when you want to inhale thicker vapour and taste it in different refreshing flavours. You also have the option to make your nicotine hits more vigorous.

These factors are made possible with the use of various types of vape devices and the best sorts of vape accessories.

What Are The Advantages Of Vaping Vs Smoking?

When you smoke, you do the deed in the same way over and over again- light up a stick, inhale and exhale and throw the butt away. Vaping is more exciting than that, because, for instance, you can puff a low wattage device that feels like you’re smoking a tobacco cig. Is it sensationally cloudy inhales that you’re looking for? In that case, you can choose sophisticated custom-built RDA sorts.

A feast of vapoury flavours is in store for you when you vape. At Voom Labs, you can choose from a new and invigorating line of e-juice flavours such as Cola, Blueberry Ice, Blue Raspberry, Blackcurrant Lemonade, Blackcurrant Grape, Grape Ice, Passion Grapefruit, Ice Cream, and Energy, among others. These are the taste variants of Iris Disposable Vapes at the Voom Labs Vape Store.

You can find the best vape accessories online to personalize and enhance the way you vape. What are these?

What Are The 6 Best Vape Accessories? 


Your e-cigarette will be as good as nothing without its battery. This is the component that makes it work. With the power provided by the battery, your device is able to perform a heat reaction that converts e-juice into vapour. If your unit is not disposable, it will tend to have a rechargeable battery, and you use a USB charger to re-power it.

Cartridge or Pod

Easy to carry pod vape systems tend to be very convenient to use. Being ultra-portable, compact and easy to use, they are smart for travelling. Pods that comprise their structure can efficiently be refilled- no mess and no fuss. These units are thin and cylindrical and shape, making you feel like you are holding and smoking a tobacco cig. Pod vapes are ideal for smokers who want to switch to vaping.


Your charger is the one best vape accessory that allows you to e-smoke to your heart’s content. With it, you will have no qualms about your device dying out while you’re vaping to your momentum. Vape units typically have removable batteries, and they are paired with a USB charger. You can power up your device again even if you’re near your laptop or in your car with this component.


An electronic cigarette unit primarily has a built-in coil, and it has to be replaced at certain points. The coil, as a vape accessory, works in conjunction with the tank and the atomizer. The e-juice or the vape liquid is contained in the tank. The atomizer heats the e-juice so that it converts into vapour. The atomizer is installed next to the battery, so you have to stop puffing at some intervals to prevent it from overheating. The coil, being located inside it, makes the atomizer work. Make sure that it is always in good condition. 

The 5 best materials for coils are:

  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Nichrome
  • Nickel
  • Kanthal

Wicks and Wires

With the use of wicks and wires, you can customize your mods, and consequently, your puffing experience. There are vapers who prefer to build the atomizer of their device on their own instead of purchasing those with pre- installed coils. Doing this allows you to produce thicker vapour with your unit while at the same time save on cost.

The wick, on the other hand, is the cotton that soaks up the e-liquid so that it turns into vapour.

Drip Tips

With this fixture, you will be able to fill the e-juice directly into the atomizer of your e-cig. Using this vape accessory steers you clear of the task of removing any parts of your device when you need to refill its juice. A drip tip is affixed directly on to the atomizer, allowing the e-juice to flow instantly through it, and have it heated up more quickly. This process provides you with constantly stronger and flavourful nicotine hits.

Check out the best vape accessories available at Voom Labs at amazing prices.


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