What Are The Best 7 Disposable Vape Pods? Amazing Products At Voom Labs

What Are The Best 7 Disposable Vape Pods?

Innovations in vape products and accessories have been consistent, and just recently disposable vape pods have become available. These devices truly make the vaping experience more convenient and satisfying. So what are disposable vape pods, and how do they differ from disposable vapes? If you’re willing to try them, what are the best 7 disposable vape pods? Here at Voom Labs, your premier disposable vapes and vape kits website, we have them in store for you (See also our mango passion Iris).

How To Use A Disposable Vape Pod

It’s quite easy to use a disposable pod vape. Simply take it out of its package and smoke it. They are made handy and ready just like that. Its batteries are already charged with a compartment that’s been pre-filled with e-juice. Then you inhale it, and as you do, its built-in airflow sensor will produce vapour. 

There is an indicator light in the device, and you have to keep this lighted up by applying the needed air pressure when you inhale. Be wary not to use excessive air pressure though, or else the e-liquid will spit in your mouth. Unlike smoking, don’t inhale too fast and too consistently on your vape because it draws differently.

How Long Does A Disposable Vape Pod Last?

How Long Does A Disposable Vape Pod Last

Various factors affect the lifespan of your disposable pod vape. For one thing, you have to consider its battery storage capacity. How much e-juice can its container hold, and how long does your vaping time last? 

Primarily check the amount of e-juice contained in the pod. Typically, a pod that holds 0.5ml of e-liquid can stay for 50 to a maximum of 150 puffs. On the average, disposable pod vapes are made with at least 0.5ml to 1ml e-juice content. There are devices that contain higher than this as well.

When it comes to the amount of vaping time, well it is distinct from one person to the other. While some would inhale for only one second, there are those who do for as long as six seconds. Because of these differences, it is quite tricky to determine how many puffs a pod can deliver. 

Commonly, the batteries of pod vapes are low-storage because their use is bound to expire when its e-juice dries.

How Does A Disposable Pod Vape Work?

These devices are designed for immediate use. Its battery has been pre-charged, and its e-juice compartment has already been pre-filled. You therefore don’t need to manually fill it with e-liquid or charge its batteries. As you smoke the device, its built-in sensor activates the batteries, after which it generates heat. When it becomes hot, it is then able to convert the e-liquid into vapour. 

What Are The Best 7 Disposable Vape Pods?

One of the best online stores for disposable vape pods is Voom Labs, and in the current market, Voom Labs disposable vape pods are deemed as high-quality products.

As cartridges, Voom Vape Pods can be used with the Voom Kit. What’s so amazing about Voom Pods is that they provide an exhilarating vaping experience of a steady flow of nicotine dose that comes with a hefty amount of flavour. Because of their ease of use, Voom Pods are great for beginners. The following are the best disposable vape pods flavours from Voom Labs:

1. Ice Grape

Ice Grape

Each pack contains 3 pods and holds 20mg/ml of nicotine salt. This pod gives you a juicy purple grapes taste with an icy undertone. It will refresh you with a tang of menthol.

See: Ice Grape

2. Ice Lemon

Ice Lemon

Contained in a pack of 3, this pod has a 20mg/ml nicotine salt content. Quite sweet and zesty, it feels like you’re tasting a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day in the summer.

See: Ice Lemon

3. Ice Mango

Ice Mango

There are 3 of these pods in a pack, with each containing nicotine salt of 20mg/ml. This disposable vape pod flavour is great, quite a savoury combination because it is ice and mango put together. Your vaping experience will truly be juicy and refreshing!

See: Ice Mango

4. Ice Strawberry

Ice Strawberry

This pod is packed in 3’s, and it holds 20mg/ml of nicotine salt. Relish the flavour of freshly-picked strawberries when you vape, where all day, you can feel the cool breeze that goes with it.

See: Ice Strawberry

5. Ice Watermelon

Ice Watermelon

Have a taste of one of the most popular pod vape flavours. This pack contains 3 pods, with each containing 20mg/ml of nicotine salt. The sweet tang of juicy watermelon bursts every time you vape as you are refreshed with its hint of iciness.

See: Ice Watermelon

6. Mint


This flavour is simple but satisfying, coming in a pack of 3 and 20mg/ml nicotine salt content each. With the Voom Pod Mint flavour, your day-long vaping will be cool and refreshing. If you’re an avid fan of Mint or Menthol vapes, this is bound to hit your spot!

See: Mint

7. Roasted Coffee

Roasted Coffee

If your palate is more sophisticated, this is a splendid choice. You can get them in 3’s for every pack where each has 20mg/ml nicotine salt content. Savour the taste of rich and full coffee for a satisfying but not overwhelming vaping experience.

See: Roasted Coffee

Check out the Voom Labs Shop for amazing choices for the best and high-quality disposable vape pods and vape kits!


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