Are Puff Bar Disposables Safe To Use? The Benefits Of Vaping Vs Smoking

Are Puff Bar Disposables Safe To Use?

There are many benefits of vaping, and this trend has become more popular in recent years. The vaping industry continues to create products that cater to the safety of users and give them a satisfying vaping experience (see best pod vape 2022).

Now comes puff bar disposables that were made available only in 2020. With its massive introductory boom, it has instantly become a favourite to newbies and regular vapers. What are disposable puff bars, and why do a lot of people like puff bar products so much?

What Are Disposable Puff Bars and Why Are They Very Popular?

Also known as disposable vape bars, buff bar disposables vaping devices are small, lightweight and easy to carry. When you buy them, they are pre-filled with e-juice and installed with pre-charged batteries.

You get a puff bar from its box and then vape it. When its e-juice dries out or its battery gets depleted, you throw it away. (Please do this properly). It’s as simple as that. It’s not reusable once consumed. If you need more, you just have to get another bar. No hassles whatsoever about having a bottle or e-juice or charger with you. 

If you want to quit smoking, you can transition into vaping by using a puff bar. After all, there are plenty of advantages of vaping vs smoking. This then brings the question: “Are puff bar disposables safe to use?”

Smoking Is Dangerous To Your Health

Hundreds of thousands of smokers are switching to vaping, because health authorities have been advocating the dangers of smoking and do not recommend it. Traditional cigarettes are laden with carcinogens that can cause emphysema, lung cancer and other detrimental conditions. 

In this case, smokers and those who want to experience nicotine hits look for alternatives, and the best possible of these are vape devices, or particularly disposable puff bars. Other than being convenient, vape bars are safe, affordable, and convenient to use.

Being relatively new to the market, enthusiasts have countless of questions about disposable vape bars. Clearing the confusion, especially about its benefits will make your use of it more enjoyable. Your vaping experience will become more pleasurable and satisfying because you know that you are doing something safe. 

Why Are Puff Bar Disposables Safer Than Traditional Cigarettes?

You’ll enjoy vaping them in a variety of flavours

It is never boring when you vape puff bars because they come in one zesty flavour to another. At Voom Labs, you can find a new and refreshing line of disposable puff bar flavours such as Mango Ice, Blueberry vape, Apple vape, Mint vape, Strawberry Banana, and Tobacco. Each of these pod sticks is pre-filled with 1.2 ml of e-juice and equipped with a pre-charged 280 mAh battery.

With this amount of e-liquid and battery power, you can enjoy up to 350 satisfying and delicious puffs, which is equivalent to smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes. Taking one puff this day will make you wanting to puff more.

You can use it as part of a healthy lifestyle

Vapes are healthier than traditional cigarettes, as research has indicated. From this perspective, it is surmised that both vapes and tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine. However, there are far more dangerous chemicals found in the latter as compared to vapes, or specifically disposable puff bars. In a single cigarette stick, there are about 600 ingredients, and this increases to a higher number of 7,000 chemicals when you light it up.

Of this number of over 7,000 chemicals found in a tobacco cigarette, there are 69 that are considered to be carcinogens or substances that are known to cause cancer. What are some of these harmful substances?

  • Lead- a chemical found in batteries
  • Arsenic- a potent poison for killing rats
  • Tar- used for mixing pavements
  • Formalin or formaldehyde- also known as embalming liquid
  • Ammonia- an industrial-strength cleaning substance
  • Acetone- used for removing nail polish

In contrast, you can find that there are only 4 basic ingredients contained in disposable puff bars, and they are primarily safe and non-toxic. These are:

  • Nicotine
  • Flavours
  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin

Nicotine, in itself is not a harmful substance, and it has even pre-supposed health benefits. It is that which makes the vaping experience satisfying. Flavourings found in disposable vape bars are benign, too- meaning they are not in any way hazardous. The PG and VG elements incorporated in vape devices are those responsible for producing their clouds or vapour, and generally do not have flavours.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are more benefits of vaping vs. smoking. Vaping puff bar disposables in general, is safer and even beneficial to your health and lifestyle.


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