Are Disposable Vapes Safe? 5 Myths To Debunk About Vaping

Are Disposable Vapes Safe?

It was in 2003 when vaporizers, vapes, or e-cigarettes were introduced. From that time on until the following years, these devices have risen in popularity, especially because they are deemed to be a better alternative to smoking.

There are actually more dangers of smoking compared to vaping. The National Cancer Institute has in fact stated that “Tobacco use is a leading cause of cancer and death from cancer”. Furthermore, studies have indicated that the use of disposable vapes and their physical features offer less harm than the use of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

What about disposable vapes? Are disposable vapes safe? How do these devices work?

There is a sort of e-cigarettes that are disposable vape pens. They are much like the regular vaporizers, but they are thinner, smaller, and more distinct. Disposable vape pens are featured with a tank- a chamber that contains the e-juice or e-liquid (See our disposable vape and not forget the incredible flavours of Vape Hive Vape Pods). This is the extract that is converted into vapour when combusted. The atomizer and heating component of a disposable vape pen vaporizes this solution, and they are smaller in size than the regular e-cigarette. Innovations during recent years have made this device safer and significantly less harmful than tobacco Cigarettes.

5 Myths About Disposable Vapes Vs. The Truth

Myths To Debunk About Vaping

Myths abound about the use of e-cigars, and the unknowing may fall prey to these. Proper information should therefore be disseminated to debunk them. What should you know, for real, about disposable e-cigarettes?

#1 Myth: Disposable vapes are just like tobacco cigarettes because they contain nicotine

Truth: The culprit, whether in disposable vapes or tobacco cigarettes is not nicotine. In itself, nicotine is addictive, but studies have shown that it renders very insignificant health risks. What you should be wary about are the far more harmful additives and chemicals found in tobacco smoke, such as tar, carbon monoxide, lead, arsenic and so on. Disposable vapes, on the other hand, mainly exudes a water-based vapour that is not mixed with the dangerous substances found in the smoke of traditional tobacco cigarettes. 

#2 Myth: Disposable vapes can explode in your face, that’s why they are dangerous

Truth: Lighter fluid will explode if you throw it into the fire. If you have common sense, you’ll know this and would therefore not do it. So the key to warding off any harm from disposable e-cigars is to follow its label instruction. Do not alter the e-liquid of the vape, nor use batteries that are not compatible with its model. Used appropriately, disposable vapes are basically hassle-free and you can enjoy it until it runs dry. Then you dispose of it properly.

Another factor to consider is the authenticity of the device. If it is so, there aren’t likely to be problems with it. However, if you buy counterfeits, you’ll be placing your health and your safety at risk. Be sure to purchase your e-cigarette from a reputable company and follow its instructions for use. This way, you prevent accidents such as a unit exploding in your face.

#3 Myth: Disposable vapes are banned and will be outlawed

Truth: This statement is pure fallacy. No pending legislation has been set in place about the extent of banning disposable vapes or any vape products. There may be enterprises or establishments that prohibit vaping within their premises, but there are no pending legal laws to support it.

#4 Myth: The ingredients contained are not enlisted, that’s why disposable vapes are unsafe

Truth: Only bogus companies and sellers of counterfeit vapes do this, so avoid them. Reputable companies disclose the ingredients of their vape products when selling them. On your part, you can also do your research about the ingredients found in disposable vape juices. This way, you can relax and enjoy your vaping experience upon knowing what you are inhaling.

#5 Myth: Disposable vapes are just like tobacco cigarettes that contain harmful chemicals

Truth: The e-juice is the primary component of disposable vapes. It is heated so that it turns into vapour. There is a popular misconception about e-liquids causing the development of a rare condition known as Popcorn Lung. This is based on fake news about e-juices containing the chemical diacetyl.

The truth, nevertheless, is that the majority of e-juice companies and manufacturers do not incorporate diacetyl in the production of their products. Millions of e-liquids are sold everyday, but to date, there is no single disposable vape user that has developed even the mildest case of Popcorn Lung that may have been caused by vaping.

The verdict? Disposable vapes are safe, especially if you are a habitual or chronic tobacco cigarette smoker who wants to quit and find your way to a healthier life without drastically cutting your tobacco addiction. 

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