What are the 5 Stages to Quit Smoking?

5 Stages to Quit Smoking

After months or years of contemplation, you have finally decided to quit smoking. This is a huge decision and has the potential of completely changing your life not only for yourself but also for your family, loved ones and the community at large.

We should however put it out there that the journey to a tobacco-free life is a lengthy one. Nicotine has done some damage to your body and it will take time for your body to assimilate. Knowing the struggles that await you, the team at Voom Labs, a leading vape company, has compiled this article.

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Below are five steps that you can use to guide you on your path to a smoking-free life.

Setting the D-day

What sets the ball rolling is the smoker’s motivation or reason for quitting smoking. Think of it as the foundation on which all these other steps will be built. If the foundation is strong and can withstand time, it will give the smoker resolve when the days are tough. Some of the common reasons for quitting smoking include health/ mental reasons, protecting your family and loved ones, and to increase your lifespan on this earth.  

In other circles, the D-day is known as the Quit Day. This will mark the official day that you have set to stop smoking and using all other tobacco products. We recommend not choosing a day that is far away. Choose a Quit Day between a week and a fortnight.

What we have found useful for smokers is when they make a commitment or pledge before family and friends. Provided you have a few good friends and family members, they will support you and keep you accountable over the long term. It is also important to communicate the reason for your quitting in the pledge.

The methodology

There are several methods that you can use to quit smoking. The Voom Labs have described them briefly below.

1. Cold Turkey

This is where the smoker chooses to suddenly quit smoking after the D-day. While it may work for some people, it has a low success rate due to the long-lasting effects of nicotine and the withdrawal symptoms.

2. The use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

This method has enjoyed relatively better success than the other methods stated in this section. Some of the NRT products include sprays, patches, gums, lozenges, and vape pens and products.

3. The gradual approach

In this option, the smoker chooses to gradually cut down the number of cigars or cigarettes per day. One will have a planner to follow as they reduce cigarette consumption each day.

Choose a method that you know you have the resolve to follow through to the end. Taking into consideration the nicotine factor and withdrawal effects, we recommend making use of NRT products, to be specific, vape pens.

Over the years, vape devices and products have proved to be effective cessation tools for smokers. It exposes users to limited nicotine levels, slowly weaning the body of the toxic substance.

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Consult a doctor

According to the American Thoracic Society (ATS), it is strongly recommended for smokers who are seeking to quit to start on medication, in particular varenicline (Chantix). The typical treatment plan takes about 12 weeks but depending on your condition, the doctor may decide to recommend a longer one.

The Voom Labs recommend that you consult a doctor for a full physical evaluation. You should also communicate your goal of quitting smoking. They might recommend other medicines that may ease the process and withdrawal symptoms over the next few months.

Plan for Post Quit Day

Plan for Post Quit Day

As put forth earlier, the effects of smoking are not only physical but also behavioral and social. Many things about your life will need to change and one needs to be intentional about it.

One area that you will need to put considerable effort towards is fruit and food. We recommend that you stock up on fruits and vegetables. Sugar-free gum and mints will also keep your mouth busy when cravings arise. And trust us, they will.

You will need to perform a complete overhaul of your home, car, and office. Any cigarette-related material must be removed. This includes any cigarette, lighter, ashtray, and tobacco products. Anything that can serve as a trigger must go.

D-day is here!

The long awaited day has arrived! This is the day that you execute the plans that you have decided on. You can choose to have a small group over to your place or a neutral venue if you have not cleared the space of any paraphernalia.  

Additional strategies and tips

As you plan to quit, here is some additional information that move critical over the period.

1. Prepare for withdrawal symptoms

Cravings and smoking urges are common for every aspiring quitter. It will help you to have activities that will keep your body and mind occupied.

2. Identify your smoking triggers

These smoking triggers might be social, emotional or patterned. Early identification empowers you and boosts your chances of success in the long run.

3. Give yourself time

Don’t expect for a miracle to happen overnight. The effects of nicotine in your system will take time to heal. This is why the use of NRT products such as vape pens and devices is recommended.

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It is tough to quit your smoking habit in one day. This is due to the effect of nicotine on your body and body. As a smoker, you will find your behavioral and social smoking tics cropping up without any warning. A solution for you lies in the quality and highly rated vape products from Voom Labs.

We are a premier vape company, offering the best quality vapes at affordable prices. In our online store, you can be guaranteed of the finest vape devices and products. Our products come in a wide range of flavors that meet our client’s unique tastes and preferences.

Reach out to us today and start your journey to quit your smoking habit.


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